Nail gun nails

Pneumatic gun nails are also named nail gun nails.

Nail gun nails manufactured by Ruifeng are suitable for the vast majority of nailers in the market.

Such as the common nailer brands: Bostitch; Senco; Paslode; DeWalt; BeA, Hitachi; Makita; Porter-Cable; Ryobi; Freeman; NuMax; Husky; Metabo HPT; MAX; Grex.

Ruifeng, as the largest nail fastener manufacturer in China, can produce a wide variety of nails in a wide range of sizes, including:

15 Degree Coil Nails,

Roofing nails,

0&15 Degree Plastic sheet Siding nails,

21 Degree Plastic sheet strip nails,

28 Degree Wire weld nails,

28 Degree Paper tape collated nails,

34 Degree Paper tape collated framing nails,

Fine Wire Staples, Medium Wire Staples, Heavy Wire Staples

Brad nails

Also, bulk nails.

Besides, we supply a variety of collated Screws.

Choose Ruifeng, one-stop procurement, to bring you a better experience.

How about Ruifeng nails?

At Ruifeng, we design and manufacture our nails. Our nail sizes cover a wide range, not just the commonly used ones in the market, so we can meet specific size requirements.

This means our products can be used effectively in all countries around the world. Our nail-making process is professional and top-notch.

We ensure a nail size tolerance of plus or minus 0.5mm, making our nails compatible with most brands of nail guns.

The absence of stuck guns and smooth operation are key reasons why many consumers love Ruifeng products.

At Ruifeng, we’ve got nail products that can work with most nail gun angles out there, like strip nails, 17°/ 21°/ 28°/ 30°/ 33°/ 34°.

You might be wondering why there are so many different angles of nails, right?

Well, when we use a nail gun, it’s not always easy to drive the nail perfectly straight, so the different angles are designed to make it more comfortable for the person using the nail gun.

Our goal is to make sure you have a great experience using our products, and that’s why we offer different fixing methods like copper wire, plastic strips, and paper tape.

For example, with Coil Nails, you can secure 200 to 300 nails with welding wire or 25 nails with plastic strips.

We’ve got a variety of products to suit different local habits, so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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