Nail-Making Process

  • Wire Drawing

Start by using a Shell peeler to descale the wire. Pull the wire and reduce the cross-section of a wire to product a variety of wire diameters. Ruifeng can provide a variety of wire diameter requirements in the range of 2.0-4.6mm.

  • Nail Heading

The wire is cut into appropriate lengths and fed into a nail heading machine. The machine forms the head of the nail by applying pressure and shaping it. Ruifeng offers a wide range of nail heads, including Clipped head, Offset head, Sinker head, Duplex head, Brad head, Checkered head, Cup head, Lettered head, Chunkersunk head, Dome head, Diamond head, and more. This diverse selection allows customers to choose the specific nail head type that best suits their needs and preferences.

  • Nail Making

Ruifeng has embraced the adoption of an advanced high-speed nail-making machine. This machine manufactures an impressive quantity of 500-650 nails per minute, significantly increasing their output. Ruifeng strong capacity ensures that we can consistently provide a steady and ample inventory of nails to meet the demands of their customers efficiently.

  • Threading

Ruifeng possesses a top-of-the-line threading rolling machine, enabling the provision of expert threading services. This advanced equipment can produce ring patterns, screw patterns, and various nail shank types with exceptional precision and efficiency. Ruifeng consistently maintains strict quality control standards, and precision manufacturing ensures that our products remain extremely popular in the market.

  • Surface Treatment

Nails are frequently coated with zinc to stop them from corroding and rusting. Ruifeng can offer electric galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, machine galvanizing, and other surface treatment methods to give customers a range of options. Ruifeng is proud to have its hot-dip galvanizing workshop, which can produce over 10,000 tons annually. We can customize our services to better meet your specific needs and help you save costs.

  • Coating

To make the nails resistant to rust and distinguish the product from other brands, customers frequently opt to apply their own special paint to the nails. This method not only enhances the appearance of the nail products but also boosts the recognition of your brand’s products.

  • Packaging
Automatic packaging machine
Automatic packaging machine


Ruifeng is pleased to accommodate your packaging needs, whether it’s a paper box, color box, or plastic box. We also offer customized packaging options to suit your specific requirements.

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